CSP Couplers

We supply:

-305mm Couplers; Size 150mm -1400mm
-610mm Couplers; Size 600 - 3000mm
-1 piece and 2 piece Couplers
- Dimple Band Couplers
 -Hugga Band Couplers
 -Neoprene Gasket


Couplers are connecting devices for CSP culvert. They are used to connect steel culvert pipe that has annular re-rolled ends (The end roll runs parallel to end cut, not spirally)

dimple band

A dimple band is used to connect CSP pipe that have ends cuts with spiral corrugation (or not rerolled ends) or a pipe with one rerolled end and one spiral rolled end. The band is a flat piece of steel that is folded around the pipe ends and attached with bolts

hugga band

A Hugga band is a steel coupler with rubber gaskets and a bar and strap connector with heavy duty bolts to make the joints as water tight as the pipe seams.  Installation of Hugga bands typically requires the use of a band puller

neoprene gasket

Neoprene gasket can be used with standard couplers to create a more “water tight” seal at joints. The material is 1 foot wide and 3/8” thick. The gasket is placed as a liner in between the culvert exterior and the coupler interior.

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