Custom Fabrication

At Surface Flow Control, we have the ability to create almost anything you need.

Storm Shelters

Surface Flow Control has fabricated storm shelters / cold storage units out of CSP culvert. We can built shelters with pipe diameter size up to 10ft wide. Length dependent on need. Customization available.



  • Man door access

  • Vent stack

  • Reinforced backing

  • Interior shelving / framing

  • Insulation

8FT diameter by 20FT shelter with man door


Surface Flow Control fabricates shroud culverts. A shroud is a length of corrugated steel pipe (CSP) that has been split lengthwise. The purpose of this fabrication is to wrap / protect an existing pipeline with the strength and durability of CSP.

The shroud is fabricated by horizontally attaching angle iron on both top and bottom of CSP. The angle iron and culvert are both drilled and nuts and bolts attached to secure structure of corrugation; the culvert is then split into two pieces.  The angle iron will extend to approximately 1 foot from culvert ends, allowing space if couplers need to be attached for longer runs.

Custom Fittings

Equipment Ramps

Grates & Frames

Deck Pins

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