A temporary device used around construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in storm water runoff.

  • 3ft x 100ft rolls with wooden fence posts every 6ft

  • 3ft x 100ft rolls with wooden fence posts every 10ft

  • 3ft x 100ft rolls with wire mesh backing

  • Master rolls of silt fence

  • Wooden stakes 2" x 2" x 4ft

  • Colour options: Green, Black and Orange


silt fence

Biodegradable, consisting of the finest straw available. Standard width is 8 feet. The product is lightweight and easy to handle.  Available individually wrapped or in master packs.

straw blanket

Versatile excelsior logs made of an outside containment fabric that is filled with unique Curlex fibres. The logs are porous, slowing velocity and filtering sediment as it passes through the logs diameter. The logs are extremely flexible and contour to the terrain to maintain intimate contact with the sub grade.In addition they are light lightweight, require no trenching, no weed seeds, no disposal hassles, are re-usable and hold their shape.

sediment log

Premier Straw / Coconut Erosion Control Blankets combine 70% straw with 30% coconut to create a longer life blanket than standard straw blankets.  The straw coconut blend of fibres can extend the degradable life up top 24 months depending on the site conditions.

Premier Coconut Erosion Control Blankets are used for sever applications or where special seed mixes need long term protection.  The coconut blanket can provide up to 36 months of erosion protection depending on the site.

Premier straw / coconut and premier coconut blankets provide a high degree of erosion protection and longer life than a single or double net straw blanket.


coconut matting

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