Barscreens are a fantastic way to keep mice, rats and beavers out of your culvert, while maintaining water and fish flow.

Fitted inside the culvert, barscreens are a lightweight, easy to install solution to a potentially detrimental problem. 

All barscreens come with the necessary hardware to attach to the culvert.

We supply all diameters from 100mm, all the way up to 3000mm.

flared end section

Flared end sections are an attachable end treatment to expand water flow. Contrary to a beveled end, these end sections may be detached and reattached at any time. They can be covered with rock or fit inside the slope of an approach to allow for easy replacement and better access to the culvert end.

Sloped end grate

Sloped end grating is a culvert protection accessory designed to stop beavers and other animals from damaging the culvert.

Much like the barscreen, but sloped end grates fit perfectly over a beveled end.

custom steel lid

Custom steel lids can be built to any specs or preferences you may have.

We can build any diameter, any thickness, with any modifications.

These include but are not limited to:

-Centre Split

-Checker plate



-Powder Coating

Sluice gates can be attached on the end of the culvert, or onto a concrete wall to control water flow. It is able to stop water, or minimize flow. Supplied with a handle, flange and all hardware, sluice gates are a time efficient way to manage water flow with almost any diameter of culvert.

sluice gate

Grater guards are used to protect the ends of culvert from the blades of the grater. Grater guards can protect almost any size of culvert in the ditch.

These guards are efficient in preventing the ends of culvert from being damaged or crushed by working graters, so you won't have to replace your culverts!


Flap gates are used to automatically control water flow, and help to minimize how much debris flows through as well.

Flap gates range in sizes from 100mm to 2400mm

flap gates

Culvert markers are a safe & efficient way to ensure machinery and vehicles are aware of where culvert are, to prevent crushing the culvert ends. 

Traditionally they are painted safety orange, but can be painted whatever colour you'd like!

Culvert markers usually stand at 5ft tall, but can be customized.


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