Woven geo textiles have a remarkable capacity for filtering soils, distributing loads, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways. They are resistant to ultraviolet degradation and the biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.

 Made from individual yarns woven together to provide dimensional stability. All Propex geo textiles are backed by decades of in-field performance in everything from separation and filtration to erosion control and waste containment applications.

Bi-Axial Geogrids are manufactured out of polypropylene by a unique punching and drawing process and provides an ideal solution for soil stabilization, sub-base reinforcement, foundation engineering and other highway challenges.

Bi-axial features high tensile stiffness at low strains and excellent resistance to construction damage and environmental exposure. The geometry allows a strong positive mechanical interlock with the soil particles being reinforced.

Non woven geotextiles are needle punched to form a strong fabric that retains its dimensional stability, adding years to the life of any roadway, railroad, landfill or civil / environmental engineering project.


Used in subsurface drainage, separation, stabilization, erosion control and cushioning applications, Propex geotextiles are resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.

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